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    Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfemet Company Limited derives its origin from its predecessors Shenzhen Zhongjin Industrial Company Limited (Nonfemet) and China Nonferrous Industry (Shenzhen) Joint Company. Founded on September 1st, 1984, China Nonferrous Industry (Shenzhen) Joint Company was registered with a capital of RMB50 million through the merger of China Nonferrous Industry General Company, China Nonferrous Industry Guangzhou Company with Shenzhen Nonferrous Industry Company. At the start, the joint company had seven subsidiaries operating independently as corporations.

    The establishment of the joint company marked the first step towards the reshuffle of China’s nonferrous industry. The company has witnessed rapid growth in the special economic zone, where trading and processing of nonferrous metal is encouraged. In early 1990s, the joint company had incorporated 60 companies with independent corporate status into a group, including 17 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 13 associated enterprises, 22 joint ventures and 8 bodies under custody. With the move, its business expanded to trade, export and import, technical development, warehousing, finance, stock trading, protective trade, futures, options, real estate development, construction survey, design, construction, contracting, car rental, jewelry processing and translation technology. With operations in over 10 fields, the company has eventually developed into an international group. Among the top 50 enterprise groups in Shenzhen, NONFEMET has secured a leading position.

    In September, China Nonferrous Industry (Shenzhen) Joint Company, the predecessor of NONFEMET, was incorporated.

    In June 1994, the company was renamed Shenzhen Zhongjin Industrial Company Limited (NONFEMET) and licensed to issue internal shares.

    In January 1997, NONFEMET was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

    In April 1999, NONFEMET successfully merged with Shaoguan Lingnan Lead & Zinc Group to establish Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfemet Company Limited.

    In July 2000, the state-owned company was restructured. One year later, the state-controlled shares of NONFEMET were transferred from Guangdong provincial government to Guangsheng Rising Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“GRAM”).

    For 4 consecutive years since 2002, NONFEMET has been ranked among top 500 Chinese businesses.

    In 2003, NONFEMET was listed among SSE 100 Index constituent stocks.

    In 2003, NONFEMET was ranked among Top 100 Business of Guangdong, high-tech players and leading exporters in Guangdong Province. It also received awards for its significant contribution as a top-performing business and tax-payer. It was highly regarded by credit from banks, customs and commodity inspection authorities. For years, NONFEMET has remained the pacesetter in the area of general trade export in Shenzhen.

    Since the inclusion into SSE 300 Index constituent stocks in 2005, NONFEMET has been favored by numerous financial institutions for its growth potentials.


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