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    Core Value

    The core value is the basic principle advocated by NONFEMET in its pursuit of success. The fundamental belief provides the basic criteria and the ultimate reason that justifies the corporate practices. In one word, it is the governing law of the corporation.
    Core value is the corporate spirit in NONFEMET reflecting the aims, beliefs and objectives shared by all of us.
    Core value of NONFEMET:

    1、 “No Reason to Fail” embodies humanism.
    Humanism spirit is at the core of civilization and backbone of social development. It is
    the soul that breathes new life into the enterprise.
    “No Reason to Fail” reflects the human spirit that is passed down and kept alive in the
    history of mankind and in the country. It embodies the wish and belief in working hard and striving continuously for progress and growth. It represents the ultimate idea and objective we strive for, the benchmark with which the progresses are measured.
    2、“No Reason to Fail” pinpoints a proper attitude. 
          The proper attitude is a realistic approach of basing actions on facts and truth.
    “No Reason to Fail” neither blinds us with the lack of reasons, nor bewilders us with
    unrealistic notes. It provides the most logical reasoning. It is based on the objective laws we obtain from practice for the purpose of making accomplishments. It represents the impact of subjective power and action on the objective world. It has a style and feature that inspire initiative and creativity from actual situation while everything from actual circumstance is performance-oriented.
    3、 “No Reason to Fail” is the heritage in NONFEMET culture.
    Either in NONFEMET at the forefront of reform campaign or the mines and smelters with a
    long history, a common cultural gene and spiritual quality is present. It is nothing but “No Reason to Fail”.
    “No Reason to Fail”, derived from NONFEMET in the special economic zone, is directing us
    towards the very top through the courage to be a pioneer.
    “No Reason to Fail”, rooted in the lead and zinc mine in the depth of mountains,
    demonstrates our effort over the past 40 years to become one of the best mines in China and around the world.
    “No Reason to Fail”, which is practiced in Shaoguan Smelting Works in northern Guangdong,
    embodies the fruit of efforts and wisdom to make its mark in Chinese lead and zinc industry.
    “No Reason to Fail”, as the spiritual line and culture key in NONFEMET, marks every step
    towards prosperity and rises to be a part of spiritual possession in NONFEMET. It carries the hope of development in NONFEMET and points to its future.
    4、“No Reason to Fail” is the innate quality of NONFEMET culture.
    During the course of evolution, “No Reason to Fail” has become the common value and
    quality of NONFEMET culture shown in:
    Courage to Go Ahead
    Innovation for Perfection
    Quest for Good Performance
    Resolution to Win
    Courage to Go Ahead
    “To succeed” is impossible without courage to win!
    The courage to create new ideas and to pioneer the way is one of the feature of NONFEMET
    With enough courage to break away from the traditional values and conventions, NONFEMET is
    forever blazing a trail in the unmarked territory.
    Our efforts through every stage of progress are marked by courage, which has turned into
    the most significant competitiveness edge and drive in NONFEMET.
    Innovation for Perfection
    To succeed” is impossible without innovation!
    Innovation describes the momentum of sustainable progress driving us towards the expansion
    of the business.。
    Only when we make innovative efforts can we outperform our past and competitors.
    We will resort to advance technology, efficient management and attitude for precision to
    create innovation in technology, management, and efficient operation.
    Quest for Good Performance
    “To succeed” is impossible without pragmatism!
    With a deep understanding of the quest for facts, pragmatism has set NONFEMET apart.
    We advocate the concept of going into reality, getting experience from practice, putting in
    real effort for effective results. We aim at facts, reasonable results and best performance.
    We rate success according to the contributions of each individual.
    Resolution to Win
    “To succeed” is impossible without competitiveness!
    On the way to individual achievement, competition is essential. For any enterprise,
    competition is urgently required in its pursuit of excellence. The achievements in NONFEMET are the fruit of constant efforts in competition. Behind every success story is the spirit of persistence.
    “He who does not advance loses ground.” We shall always be on alert and never forget to
    gain competitive advantages.
    We call for active competition. We should keep up with competition and regard competitors
    as partners in order to achieve mutual benefits.
    We encourage fair competitions in the company in the hope of creating a climate that
    facilitates learning, assistance and sharing with each other in competitions.
    5、“No Reason to Fail” is the commitment in NONFEMET culture.
    Voluntary actions in taking responsibilities are encouraged at NONFEMET.
    “No Reason to Fail” We are against the idea of finding excuses to cover up our mistakes
    and shun responsibility that we should assume. We believe that there are no excuses for losers and that whoever shirks his responsibilities are doomed to failure.
    6、“No Reason to Fail” is the commitment NONFEMET makes to:
    Commitment to Investors
    We promise long-term returns to our investors.
    Commitment to Customers
    We vow to provide top quality product and service to customers’ satisfaction.
    Commitment to Staff
    We promise to offer our staff the best opportunities for individual development.
    Commitment to Community
    We promise to the community to keep our credit, to observe laws, to participate in
    environmental protection, and public welfare in order to exemplify corporate citizenship.
    Our commitment is unlimited responsibility rather than limited. Only when the
    responsibilities are unlimited can we explore the full potential and coordinate efforts to achieve what is seemingly unattainable.
    7、“No Reason to Fail” shows NONFEMET vision.
    Simple as it appears, “No Reason to Fail” carries deep meanings. It not only carries
    forward the strong heritage of the Chinese culture, but also reflects the modern spirit. It represents the feature of NONFEMET culture and mirrors NONFEMET’s vision. It will drive
    the commitment to our missions in NONFEMET, the determination to carry forward the belief of the enterprise to turn it into a long-standing establishment.


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