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    NONFEMET vision

    The vision is the common aspiration of all the staff members in NONFEMET. It represents a goal that can be achieved through joint efforts over a period of time.
    NONFEMET vision can be expressed by:
    To be a world-class flagship in lead and zinc industry
    Blueprint of Vision
    NONFEMET vision covers:
    ?Perspective into the globe from China
    ?Focus on the main business and go into other fields with due efforts
    ?Expansion towards industrial leadership
    ?Steady progress into the future
    The vision clearly defines lead and zinc operations as the main business.
    NONFEMET vows to keep the concept of scientific development. Focusing on operations in lead
    and zinc industry, it gives priority to the development of mine and smelting. It aims at the goal of becoming a large enterprise with distinctive features and competitiveness in lead and zinc industry.
    At the same time, NONFEMET will forge ahead to reshape its business portfolio with
    operations in the fields of new materials, financial service and real estate development. Due efforts will be directed to operations in other fields.
    Management through cross-corporate efforts, collective operation, professionalism and
    integrated strategy will feature the activities in its main business and operations in the related fields.
    The vision set for NONFEMET-To be a flagship
    Flagship is the battleship or commanding ship in a fleet.Flagship enterprise refers to an enterprise at the position of leadership in its field.Intending to become the flagship in lead and zinc industry, we are set to pioneer around
    the world in production and access to lead and zinc resources, smelting capacity so as to make NONFEMET an advanced processing and smelting industry around the world.
    Territory defined for our development—The Whole World
    With the advent of economic integration, China is at the threshold of the world market.The present and future of NONFEMET is in every way connected with the world economy and
    market.A world perspective will give us the impetus to reach for the resources overseas and large market share through the participation in competition. Our endeavor will lead NONFEMET towards a big name of great impact around the world arena.

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