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    NONFEMET Philosophy

    Our philosophy sums up the values of NONFEMET fundamental to its business management activities for the purpose of fulfilling its commitments and visions. It guides us towards our basic strategies.
    Our philosophy is highlighted by the resource base, growth as keynote, management as instrument, momentum from innovation and
    efficiency as goal.
    Our philosophy drives us to:
    Explore the resource base—to acquire high-quality resources
    We should prioritize exploring new mines while leveraging the current resources. We should go abroad to acquire more
    Growth as keynote—to be the leader with best smelting capacity
    Committed to becoming a market leader, we focus on increasing smelting capacity of lead and zinc to achieve economies of
    scales to resist against risks.
    Management as instrument—to become familiar with modern business management practices
    By continuously improving management, we intend to optimize our business management practices and clearly define rights and
    responsibilities. We have taken incentive and disciplinary measures to streamline coordination between self-discipline and supervision.
    Momentum from innovation—to stay at the forefront of innovation
    We innovate based on cutting-edge technology and seek solutions for problems that arise in the course of progress.
    Efficiency as goal—to create value
    With efficiency in mind, we are seeking to maximize profit through minimal input to achieve sustainable development.。

    To implement its philosophy, NONFEMET needs to adhere to six principles and improve three aspects:
    Six Principles
        Solid Foundation—Committed to learning and accumulation
        Good Morale—Overcome difficulties with joint effort
        Integrity—Be honest and devoted
        Strength—Show determination to be upright
        Unity—Share interest and goals for progress
        Talent—Be smart with natural endowment
    Three Points for Reinforcements
        Execution: Execute without finding excuses
        Innovation: Pioneer the way in progress
        Teamwork: Put efforts together to make remarkable achievements
        Oath of NONFEMET Employees:
    I am an employee in NONFEMET. I pledge to-
    Follow the core value of “No Reason to Fail”, convey NONFEMET spirit, take NONFEMET responsibility and keep in mind
    NONFEMET mission and work toward making NONFEMET "a world-class flagship enterprise in lead and zinc industry”.
        We must make it!
        We can make it!


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