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    Trademark & Brand



    The logo comprises a circle and English letters of NONFEMET.
    NONFEMET stands for “nonferrous metal” with clear visual impact that is geared to the feature of the company and its globalization strategy.
    The logo derives from an eagle spreading its wings and taking to the sky. It can also be viewed as a special form of Chinese character to signify the core value of “No Reason to Fail” central to NONFEMET concepts and its determination and awareness to be the leader in Chinese nonferrous metal industry and the worldwide pacesetter of lead and zinc manufactureraround the worlds.
    The wings of eagle also resemble spread palm, indicating the hopes of the enterprise, staff and community, concern and responsibility shared by enterprise throughout its development.
    The combination of the drawing and English letters represents the integration of different branches of the organization in an international group. Against the red background, the logo looks clear and elegant, representing our courage to forge ahead with innovation and vigor.

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