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    Accelerator of Scientific Development

     -- Mr. Huang Huahua, the deputy secretary of Guangdong Provincial Committee and provincial governor, visits the Danxia Smeltering Plant of NONFEMET

    Mr. Huang Huahua will come to our plant again.

    Recently, the news was spread among the workers in the Nandanxia Smeltering Plant. His visit reflects the governor’s attention to our plant and encouraged us to advance ahead.

    On January 8, 2008, when the project of Comprehensive Recycling Gallium and Germanium Extracted from 100,000 Tons of Zinc Ore through Oxygen Pressure Leaching was still at its initial stage, Mr. Huang came to our plant and encouraged our workers to broaden our minds and accelerate construction. His statement greatly motivated us, which inspired all decision-makers and workers involved in the project to march ahead. One year later, when
    all workers wake up to the benefits of the scientific development perspective and the project nears its completion, Mr. Huang inspects our plant again. His arrival motivates us to increase efforts in scientific development and march ahead.

    On a sunny May morning in Danxia Smeltering, the construction site is in full swing when the equipment is being installed. At 9:30, May 12, accompanied by relevant leaders at county, municipality, and province levels, Mr. Huang traveled all the way to our plant. Upon arrival at the plant, Mr. Huang, together with Mr. Li Jinming, the Board chairman, and Mr. Zhang Shuijian, the company’s president, drove to the site of the project for 10,000 Tons of Zinc Ore through Oxygen Pressure Leaching. They inspected the oxygen generating station and the workshops such as oxygen pressure leaching, sulfer recycling, neutralization and replacement, deferrizaion, iron slag filtration, purification, and electrolysis, hoping to get a general picture of the project. While in front of the planning map of 500,000 Tons of Zinc Smeltering and Comprehensive Recycling Gallium and Germanium, Mr. Zhang briefed Mr. Huang on the first stage of the plant’s construction project. He said: “Benefiting from the support from local governments at all levels and scientific decisions from the company’s Party leaders and board of directors, the entire staff have learned and experimented with the principles of scientific development and the core values of “No Reason to Fail”. We have focused on testing all the equipment on June 30, 2009 through unified dispatching, scientific deployment, and appropriate organization aimed at completing the project successfully. From the very beginning, the tasks range from technology introduction and utilization, project design, land requisition, relocation, project-related purchasing, construction organization, security management, quality monitoring, cost control, to human resource preparation, which are well on the right track. Currently, the project has entered the stage of construction, which involves equipment installation, human resource preparation, and auxiliary projects. If everything goes according to plan, all the equipment will have been tested on June 30. Mr. Huang was very satisfied with the progress. He urged relevant staff to complete the remaining tasks and start the second stage as soon as possible. He also expected the test to be successfully completed on June 30.

    Mr. Huang was very concerned with our development. On February 5, 2009, we purchased 50.1% shares of PEN, an Australia company as part of its global strategy. We have considerably reinforced our ability to control mine resources and smelter lead and zinc. To date, we have attained our goal of becoming a leader in the domestic lead-zinc sector two years ahead of schedule. In the future, we will step up our efforts to go global and enhance our competitiveness. Mr. Huang commented on our efforts positively: “Lead and zinc resources are in short supply in both Guangdong and across the nation. Even though the market is not very profitable, we should tap its potential. Given the weak global economy, we are supposed to overcome all difficulties and expand globally. Moreover, we can buy mines abroad, and that also fits in with the scientific development perspective.”Before he walked out of the oxygen pressure leaching warehouse, Mr. Huang showed great interest in the high-pressure autoclave, which was being installed. While seeing the anticorrosion film and lining bricks of the autoclave on the second floor, Mr. Huang
    inquired about the working principles, main technical parameters of the core equipment for oxygen pressure leaching or the high-pressure autoclave. After hearing the introduction by the technicians, Mr. Huang applauded our efforts. Mr. Huang then turned his attention to our plant’s training programs. Knowing that we had trained the staff on new technique, technology and equipment, and sent engineers and technicians abroad for further study, and achieved desirable results, he was very happy. He urged us to adapt better to the international market and launch the lean management model.Danxia Smeltering Plant is set to achieve more, but there is a long way ahead for NONFEMET.

    We remain committed to our motto: No reason to fail. 

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