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    Mr. Zhang Shuijian Is Honored in Recognition of His Great Contribution to the Harmonious Development

     On June 6, at the opening ceremony of Sino-Australia club sponsored by Australia Business Link, Mr. Zhang Shuijian, the president of NONFEMET, was awarded a prize for his great contribution to the harmonious development of Sino-Australia relations. This prize fully recognized the company’s contribution to the development of Sino-Australia trade cooperation.

    The opening ceremony was held in Beijing and attended by Mr. Hawk, the former prime minister of Australia, Mr. Zhang Deguang, the former vice-minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, and Dr. Geoff Raby, the Australian Ambassador to China.

    On May 5, 2009, we successfully acquired 50.1% shares of PEM, an Australia company, for $A 0.23 per share. This deal signifies our drive to secure high-quality mine resources from foreign countries, positioning us as the first company in China’s nonfemet industry to buy resources from a developed country and hold majority stake. The move represents our key step toward the global arena. This acquisition opens a new chapter for Chinese enterprises to secure overseas resources, which will encourage them to make overseas purchases.Oriented to common development and a win-win result, the two companies have synergized their cooperation in many fields and achieved remarkable achievements, thus setting an example for enterprises in both countries to seek harmonious cooperation and pursue a win-win result. Since March, PEM has already made profit.Other companies, such as BHP Billiton, Asia Pacific Access, ANZ Bank, have also been recognized for their great contribution to harmonious development of Sino-Australia relations.

    Dr. Geoff Raby praises this acquisition deal and regards it as a win-win result for us to tap into Australia. Australian companies are expected to benefit significantly from top Chinese lead-zinc providers like NONFEMET.Mr. Hawk said that China is the largest trade partner of Australia, and the relations between the two countries will advance in the long run. The Australian government welcomes Chinese enterprises’ investment. The economic, cultural and educational sector in the two countries will grow steadily in the future. 

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