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    The Women Labor Committee of Shaoguan Smelting Plant Receive the “Excellent Group” Awarded from t

     Recently, the Woman Labor Committee of Shaoguan Smelting Plant (“the Woman Labor Committee”) has been awarded the “Excellent Group” for its contribution to “Two Programs” for female employees organized by the Guangdong Provincial Labor Union. Until now, the factory has set up 38 outstanding female staff posts, including one national, 11 provincial, and 10 municipal posts.

    In recent years, with a focus on the plant’s annual objectives and policies, the Woman
    Labor Committee has strengthened the management and support for the establishment of
    exemplary posts while launching the female employee quality improvement and achievement
    programs. Exemplary posts, tailored for female employees, have remarkably motivated them to
    work hard and make outstanding achievements, strengthened their responsibility sense, and
    improved their skills and quality.  

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