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    Our company was honored as a Shenzhen Press Industry Leader, the Good Governance Listed Company, and

     On May 7, the first Shenzhen Press Index Good Listed Company Awards Ceremony was held in Shenzhen. Our company was honored as the Shenzhen Press Index Industry Leader, a Good Governance Listed Company and the Most Socially Responsible Listed Company.

    There were 14 listed companies honored as the Shenzhen Press Index Industry Leader based on their sales income in 2009. Eight listed companies were honored as the Good Governance Listed Companies based on their leadership systems, which included the rights and obligations of shareholders, the board of directors and board of supervisors, the information disclosure mechanism, and corporate performance. Eight listed companies were honored as the Most Socially Responsible Companies based on their social responsibility rankings.

    Based on the performance of local stocks, the Shenzhen Press Index was released in 2004 by the Shenzhen Press Group and the Shenzhen Securities Information, indicating the trend of local stocks. This was the first stock index released with the participation of press group. Since its launch, the Shenzhen Press Composite Index and the Shenzhen PressComponent Index have risen more than three times, far outperforming the Shanghai Stock Index and the main A share indexes of the Shenzhen Stock Composite Index


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